Drive Your Dodge Charger to the Imperial March

It's about as iconic of movie soundtrack music as they come, and now with this Hot Wheels collaboration that sees the new 2015 Dodge Charger getting a stormtrooper getup, you can imagine a fleet of these sports cars cruising to the beat. That would be a terrifying sight to behold, but an awful gorgeous one, as beneath that stormtrooper "armor" is a wonderfully fun new Dodge Charger.



While this Hot Wheels getup isn't available here at our Amsterdam, NY Dodge dealership, you might be able to find a completely black setup - or we can order one if that's what your heart desires. That way you can drive a Charger that invokes the fearsome power of Darth Vader.

There are plenty of fun options available over here at Fuccillo Chrysler Jeep Dodge so head on over today and we'll be happy to take you out for a quick test drive.

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